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Written by  Michael Perez

Missionary: Mae Sot, Thailand & Burma border

 Please pray for the current tensions between Muslims and Buddhists in Burma..there is a lot of communal unrest..PRAY that GOD would turn this for the good of Christians there. PRAY that all, especially younger generations, would see the lies of their own religion and accept TRUTH and FREEDOM in CHRIST. PRAY for Christians in these areas, that they would not become the target of the enemies plans.

here’s an article to give you more history:

PRAY for UNITY among the various people groups in Burma..especially the churches, that their LOYALTY to CHRIST would trump old traditions, bitterness, and past dispute..

PRAY for the border that I live on..against trafficking, extreme corruption, freedom for street children bought and forces to beg by “mother-pimps”

PRAY for “no man’s land” (ungoverned piece of land between both countries) that ABBA would give our team favor, resources and strategy to see the people from these areas freed and redeemed.

PRAY for the mindsets of the Burma’s people, that the bondage of corruption that they’ve endured that last 60 yrs. would loosen it’s grip on the way they MOVE FORWARD.

PRAY for Thai believers..that they would RISE UP more than ever to EVANGELIZE their country..that a FIRE would sweep churches here in Thailand and that there would be a FRESH DESIRE to BOLDLY PROCLAIM TRUTH in a Buddhist country.

PRAY for Thai’s government..this country has had 19 coups since 1932, one just recently.

PRAY for freedom among Thai men, and males who travel here from other countries for sexual agendas. PRAY that freedom would sweep the men of Thai families, many of which secretly live lives that have become a norm in this country.

PRAY for the Muslim community that GOD has called me to here in Mae Sot..that GOD would continue to open doors for ministry, the we’d find favor with key leaders in this community..that GOD would continue to speak to these leaders and families with dreams and visions of HIS plan for their lives. That fear would have no hold over me as i plan to claim territory in these communities for KINGDOM to COME.

PRAY that our growing RELATIONSHIPS with the Muslim community would allow for the POWER of the GOSPEL to penetrate the hearts and minds for Christ.

PRAY for the miraculous when out team steps into these territories, that we would TRUST ABBA to move in TRUTH and POWER among these people.

PRAY for our next two events, a bike race to reach out to mainly the Thai community and another BeUtify event in BURMA! Pray that these events would open eyes to see the BEAUTY of our FATHER reflecting from a people who PROCLAIM CHRIST as KING!

PRAY that we would get a piece of LAND to start homes for high risk youth here.

PRAY that our businesses here would turn LARGER profits for the funding of current Children’s Homes..

PRAY for my heart when it comes to fundraising and other missionary struggles of disconnection..sometimes it’s difficult to process, but I’m always assured that HIS WORK will never lack HIS SUPPLY in any area of my life.

The MISSION: I feel a strong call to the Muslim community..currently their is no real Christian presence within the community..I am currently TRUSTING GOD for the RIGHT SPACE to start building foundation. 2 young men from Burma will join me on this mission to be a reflection of Christ to the people hope is to start a “church” for the youth of all Christian communities here..a night, a time and a space where youth UNITE, not only to create, but to worship and ENCOUNTER GOD in DEEP(er) ways!

PRAY FOR: new warehouse space, 2-3 live-in-staff, discipling young men (street kids), the arts, youth ministry, music, dance, empowering youth, bike shop, photography, video, possible boy’s home, product creation/development, innovating, community outreach and so much more.

I’m looking for:

**10 ppl to give $100/month

**20 ppl to give $50/month

**50 ppl to give $25/month

A portion of these numbers will be part of my personal funding as well as funding for staff that i’ve asked to join me (ie. housing, food, language)

I’m really trying to encourage monthly support because i’m stepping into deeper waters and need ppl to GO there with me..i’m not raising support for myself anymore, but for a community and brothers that have abandoned much because they TRUST GOD has something great for their people, in a country they’re not always welcomed in.



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