Made for Him.
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But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth. Exodus 9:16

Tuesday afternoon, I was sent on an errand to deposit a check for the law firm I work at. On my way there, about a 6 block walk, I took advantage and started talking to my Father about all the craziness, busyness, and frustration I had been feeling. I’m sure everyone can relate—striving to do everything but it never being ENOUGH. I was just walking and really pouring out my heart to God and just asking tough questions. But instead the conversation took a whole different direction. It began with questions like “why?” “But why me?” “why not them?” and then it turned into “ thank you Lord for selecting me, for choosing me.”

Why not me? Why not YOU?

I started to really thank Him because I know that if I were not living this out for Him, I would really go insane. If I genuinely did not  have this mission within my heart, I would be cold, depressed, and bored. We have to be conscious and aware that we are not just in the positions and places we are now by coincidence, but that we have been SENT.

Take ownership of YOUR world and live out the Gospel. There’s a completely different meaning to your role in life when you realize that this isn’t for you.

John 15:16-19 (English Standard Version)
You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide

  • Desiree

    beautifully stated! you go girrrl! 😀

  • david

    It’s not a reply; Have you ever been in a crowd & you’re standing on your toes with you neck stretch out to see above the people, for a friend you losted or didn’t know where they went or where they are? In Luke 22:61 It says & the Lord turned & look at Peter.. How in the world while in the middle of a beating in a big crowd (in another gospel it says Peter was on a balcony). Did Jesus find Peter? Well here is a situation where we see Jesus 100% man & 100% God. The beating, the bleeding, the suffering (man). To know were Peter was & hear the cock crowed (God) He demostrated a characteristic that only God has omniscience (knowing everything). WOW even during a beating He was never to busy to look for Peter. Jesus knew exactly where he (Peter) was. Jesus knows exactly where you’re at in your walk, physically, mentally & spiritually. Just be still let Him meet you there & thank Him.

  • david

    Hi, back to Luke 22:61 Monday I commented on the look Jesus gave Peter. Tuesday I commented on Jesus demonstrating His devine nature being omniscience knowing exactly where Peter was.
    As I think of Jesus being God I also think of what other gods, has looked, found, took a beating & eventually died for our sins who took our place on the cross for their followers. NONE ! Not 1. I’m so glad Jesus found me cause I was lost didn’t know how to get to heaven. I glad He tells me He loves me. It gives me the confidence & boldness to approach Him. I can walk secure because He knows what I’m facing, going through, & struggling with, because He’s going to be right there. I’m glad He knows where I am always.
    Put, no throw away those other gods that haven’t done a thing for you. Serve the one who did it all for YOU…… JESUS!

  • david

    not a reply: When I was a kid my parents took the family to montrose beach. I was so excited because I love water & the beach. When we arrived I hurried & took of my shoes & ran to the beach. When I got there I notice that there was rocks & stones in the sand it hurt the bottom of my feet so I stop running & started walking carefully looking before I step & where I step hoping when I got to the water it would be different, but it wasn’t.I got out went put my shoes back on & said”I don’t like montrose beach I’ll like fullerton” FULLERTON lets give a cyber shout out to FUL LER TON!! AAAAMOR.
    In Exodus 3:5 God to Moses to remove his sandals for it’s holy ground. Why didn’t God instead of remove your sandals tell Moses to knee down & worship me, or built an alter & sacrifice a goat or lamb? I think God was telling Moses, I’m going to use you & I need you to be careful how you walk you’re going to represent Me(God).
    When we are bare foot we watch where we walk & what we step,we are really careful don’t want to step on glass, rocks, stones,or little toys. As christians are we walking in a way that represents God/Jesus or walking & not caring stepping in mud, slush, & dooky? Or are we as Eph: 4:1 says worthy of God’s calling.