A Christian or Disciple?
Posted on March 6, 2011 by

Have you ever asked someone who normally goes to church, “what do you consider yourself ?”

I think the answer is obvious. They will answer, “I’m Christian.”
Today I was reading Acts 11:26 where for the fist time in Antioch, disciples were called Christians. These people looked so much like Christ that their actions made the people around them call them Christ-like. But there was something that I was missing.

The Bible is clear when it says: “and the DISCIPLES were called Christians”. It is surprising how we call those who respond to an alter call, Christians. It took a whole year for Paul and Barnabas to work with a group of disciples who one day would be called Christians and we consider those who may never go through the process to be disciples “Christians”.

The definition of a disciple of Jesus is found in Luke 9:23-26, “deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me”.

Disciples leave everything and follow.

Disciples go through the process to become Christians.

Disciples show, with their actions, that they are real Christians.

Disciples are not ashamed of God’s Word.

Disciples make disciples. They impact people and inspire them to be more like Christ (Christians).

Are we, as a church, inverting the process or are we willing to transform families and cities following Jesus’s example.

  • http://www.nvusministries.info Naomi Vazquez

    AMEN! Proud to be a disciple of God..spreading His Word..telling others of “His”story in me!