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Hey guys this is Danny again. I have decided to do alittle bit more when it comes to music recommendations. Like I said in my first post I am going to do music reviews, artist recommendations and anything that falls within the music category. Saturdays I am solely going to keep them about new and upcoming artists. If you need to find out about new artists that are up and coming or barely known just check back every Saturday for a new artist.

This first week we are going to stick with the Jesus Culture theme and introduce you guys to this Husband and Wife duo that made their debut at the Jesus Culture conference. They are the Torwalts (Bryan and Katie) and they have just released their first full length album recently entitled, Here on Earth

Like always a quick bio on them: They are a husband and wife duo from California. They met while both attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Worship, Bryan comes from Canada and Katie is from California. They are currently lead worship pastors in a church in California called, “The River”. They have recently been signed on to Jesus Culture Music’s record label and made their debut to the world during the Jesus Culture Awakening conference at the Allstate Arena.

This album is something completely different and fresh and original in this day and age where everything else sounds the same. If I would classify this under one particular genre I would say this has a very “indie” vibe in terms of the lyrical value and the musicality present throughout the whole album. Throughout the tracks there is this ambiance that creates perfect moments for when you need some quiet time, some music to listen to while doing your bible study or even having this cranked up all loud and singing out to these tracks.

On the “worship” side of this album I would say the stand out track would be “I’m A Lover of Your Presence”. This song stands out, it is simple in music but powerful in words.

And lastly the overall standout track from this album is the song “Glorious”. The bridge is something worth declaring and proclaiming while singing this song:

“At the sound of our praise
The heavens will shake
And the earth will move”

If you are looking for something different from the contemporary christian music right now and want to hear something new and creative I would definitely recommend this album then. Overall I would say this album is very “indie”. It just feels very homegrown and you are able to hear that in the words and in the music playing.


This was this weeks New Artist. If you have any recommendations or suggestions please feel free to email them to

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