Christmas Pain
Posted on December 20, 2012 by

The Christmas season can have such a mixture of feelings. For some it is a time filled with joy while others are left feeling paralyzed. Maybe this Christmas feels different from last year in your home. Last year, you were waiting in expectation for your family’s arrival to have a delicious Christmas meal together and this year, one of those voices will be absent from the table—only the thought of them will be present. Or maybe while others post on social media how they’re enjoying shopping for their loved ones, you’re pacing around jobless wondering how you will give your children a Christmas to remember. I want you to know that Christmas is a season of HOPE!

The bible says in Matthew 12:21, quoting Isaiah 42,

“…and in his name the Gentiles (us) will hope.”

After reading that verse I had one thought, “He’s our hope because He knew we would have moments of hopelessness.” Life is filled with disappointments, death and various struggles that we cannot avoid. The beautiful part is that all of these painful moments point us back to Jesus. The reason why I say point us back is only because we can be so forgetful of the things God has gifted to us through His resurrected son Jesus. The fact of the matter is that though we suffer for a little while, God has given us eternal HOPE in his son. So, if all is well this year or if this is the year you feel like you’re experiencing a Christmas from hell, try to focus on the Christ in CHRISTmas.

Here’s how:
If you lost a loved one and you’re missing them this year allow that grief to paint a broader picture. Years ago, Jesus stood outside of Lazarus’s tomb weeping over the death of His good friend. I believe he was weeping for a number of reasons:
1. He experienced the raw and real feelings that death brings us finite human beings. He felt what we feel when those closest to us depart from earth: grief, pain, hurt.
2. He was mad at sin because sin caused death to enter into our world in the first place. Jesus, being God, decided to give us an illustration of what He will ultimately do for all His children and resurrected Lazarus from the dead. This is our HOPE! Anyone who trusts Jesus for salvation and believes that he is the Son of God will never die and to them death isn’t the end but only the beginning.

Finally, if you find yourself out of work and unable to pay for lavish gifts for your children and loved ones, let that remind you of our inability to afford the debt that our sins caused. It took an eternal God to step into human history, live a sinless life and offer an eternal sacrifice; which purchased us an eternal Salvation.
Sometimes our struggles lead us to deeper truths and have a way of pointing us back to the real meaning of Christmas. I’m not trying to be insensitive during this beautiful season, I just want you to know that no matter what you’re facing, there is hope in Jesus. He lived a life we could not live and died a death we should have died, to ransom for us an eternity we could not afford and that alone brings Hope.

  • Frank Perez

    Amen, there is hope in Christ. He will make a way out of no way. He did for me, even in this season. Thankful, Merry Christmas.

  • Jeanine Dupree

    This was good. Thank you for writing it.