CityLights Boot Camp
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We are all in a fight. Sometimes the fight is against our flesh. Sometimes it’s against the enemy. Sometimes we are fighting for truth. We are fighting to look like Jesus.

Boot Camp is a program CityLights is starting to equip disciples to be disciple making disciples. Boot Camp is our strategy for growing disciples in the basics of their walk with God. This year long trajectory will cover topics such as:

1. What is the gospel?
2. What is a disciple?
3. Who is Jesus?
4. What is salvation?
5. Why do I need the Bible?
6. How do I study the Bible?
7. What does it mean to serve God?
8. Why do we grow as a community?
And many more!

God calls us to plant and water the seeds, but He causes the growth. Boot Camp is a tool to be used by the Holy Spirit to help you grow into looking more like Jesus.

Please take advantage of this! Boot Camp will take place every 4th week in our Community Groups. Every 4th week we will gather within our CGs in clusters of 3-4 people to go over the monthly content that will be given to each person at the beginning of the month.

Each month has 4-5 devotionals to be read weekly, with questions, prayers, and applications. We encourage each person to get a journal to take notes on what they’re learning, what or who they’re praying for, what the Holy Spirit is showing them, and to keep track of what God is doing in and thru them as they learn more about God and experience Him. Connect with members of your CG to share how you’re growing in Boot Camp, how they can keep you accountable, and how you can all grow together.

Come go through Boot Camp with us as we fight to be like Jesus!

  • Jacqui Martinez

    I’m soooooo excited to be apart of all that is Citylights!!! For the Glory of God!♥

  • Tanya Lee

    when is the next one?

    • Pastor Eddie Leon

      You can join at anytime! It’s as easy as talking to your Community Group leader…