Day 10 – Eph. 1:13-14
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In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory.

Reflection On This Scripture

When I recently got engaged a few months ago, I gave my fiancée a ring, symbolizing my promise to be united with her in marriage at an appointed time.  The ring, in a sense, is a down payment, telling her, “This is my promise to be pledged and be united with you.”  This ring gives her security, knowing that although not married yet, I’m pledged to her, and that she is mine, and I am hers.

Paul tells us that when we placed our faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation, we were sealed with the Holy Spirit. What does it mean to be sealed with the promise Holy Spirit?  We may not be familiar with the term, but in the times of the Ephesians, the seal did three things: 1) A seal authenticated, such as a stamp of a person’s seal, authenticating a letter.  2) A seal secured, such as branding a cow so that it can’t be stolen.  3) A seal marked ownership, such as a monogram on a book to mark that the book belongs to you.

The seal of the Holy Spirit authenticates us as true believers, secures our eternity with Christ, and marks us as God’s possession.  Think of God stamping us as His own through the Holy Spirit.  Just as I recently proposed to my fiancée, the Holy Spirit is like God’s engagement ring to us, saying, “This is my promise to you, and it will only get better in eternity.  Your reward is coming, and I’m preparing a feast for you.  Here’s my Spirit so that you will know what’s coming. You are mine, and I am yours.”

Although this sealing is all a work of God, as He awakens us up from spiritual death and seals us with His Spirit, this should not just lead to us being passive to our approach to this truth.  This should be a great cause of joy, knowing that God’s love is poured out in our hearts through this great Seal (Romans 5:5).  Although we groan, are burdened, and are living in this world of suffering (2 Corinthians 5:5), we look with hopeful expectation that the Spirit that resides in us is not just for the here and now.  It guarantees that we will spend eternity with our God in heaven, Father and children united in glory.

Remember, God wants you to feel secure in His love and His power. Many things seem to rob us from security – guilt, condemnation, our past, people, thoughts, the enemy.  God is glorified as we behold Him as an ever-securing God who is committed to keeping His people secure in Him.  Everything He does, even in His sealing us with the Holy Spirit as our guarantee, is done to heighten the intensity of His glory shown to His people.

Rest in your security, rest in being embossed with the Holy Spirit, as your engagement ring from your Father, promising that when all things are united to Jesus, that includes you, His bride, being fully united with your Savior.

Pray Through This Scripture

•    Thank God for giving us the Holy Spirit to seal us and make us his possession.
•    Thank the Holy Spirit for his seal upon you, securing your eternal salvation.
•    Thank God that your salvation is secure in him and will not be taken away from you.

Apply This Scripture

•    Think of ways that your life can demonstrate that you are sealed as the effect of being sealed by the Holy Spirit.
•    Meditate on God’s love for you in that he will keep you ‘til the end.

  • Frank Perez

    Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. Amen!!