Day 55 – Eph. 4:31-32
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31 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. 32 Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Reflection On This Scripture

Time is short! Eternity is long! If you were told this morning that you had 24 hours left to live on earth, before you depart to see Jesus face to face, how then would you live? Would you withdraw money from savings and spend it? Would you tell a relative, friend or neighbor about Jesus? Would you take a PTO day and spend it with your family? Would you elope? Would you skydive or bungee jump? Would you take a nap?

I am not sure what you would do, but I have an idea of what you would not do. I don’t think you would spend the day bitter. I don’t think you would spend the day with outbursts of anger or rage (wrath). I don’t think you would spend time brawling or shouting or gossiping/slandering. I can guarantee you wouldn’t spend the day consumed by ill will or wickedness (malice).

Would you be kind to everyone you saw, doing what is suitable or what fits the need before you? Would you be tenderhearted, full of compassion and pity for other’s circumstances? Would you forgive those who have wronged you?

See how quickly the eternal perspective changes your momentary perspective! When I think of how gracious God has been, and how He freely gave me forgiveness, in light of my imminent trip into eternity, I discover that I want to love deeper, forgive quicker and live on purpose. If we could only live with the eternal perspective on a daily basis, we may find ourselves much more apt to regard what Paul has written about who we are in Christ vs how we feel on earth!

May God bless you this Friday and this weekend to live with the eternal perspective!

Pray Through This Scripture

  • Thank God for the reality of spending eternity with Him!
  • Are there any of the vices (from vs. 31) that you are focused upon today that you can confess and repent of while asking the Holy Spirit to enable you to live out the virtues (from vs. 32)?
  • Spend time praising God for His forgiveness that enables you to forgive.

Apply This Scripture

  • Live out the eternal perspective today as if this day was your last.

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