Day 65 – Eph. 5:21
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“submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

Reflection on this Scripture

Submission sounds like a bad word in our culture nowadays. Before Christ, our lives were under submission to all sorts of things such as anger, envy, and jealously. We felt justified taking revenge on our own, and some even felt that forgiveness was an act of weakness. This was our condition prior to Christ. Our lives were in submission to every kind of addiction and hatred that was controlling our very lives. But now in Christ Jesus the Holy Spirit has sealed us and we have become his possession. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit works in our lives, molding us to be become more Iike Jesus.

There is a struggle inside each of us between our flesh and the Spirit. After having lived in submission to the control of sin and our flesh for so long, the spirit of God wants to take control of our lives and guide us towards holiness. The degree to which we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us will not only affect our relationship with the father and our brothers and sisters in The Lord. The act of submitting to the Holy Spirit will cause us to see others through God’s eyes. I understand that there has been plenty of abuse of power in our society. This reality is what keeps many of us from trusting. We think that people are out to take advantage of us. But if we are convinced that God knows all things, we should also recognize that he will place people around us to perfect us in the areas we need most. And it’s through the work of the Holy Spirit, growing in the knowledge of Him, and submitting to His plan that we grow and submit to his plan, and as we submit to him His word will help us to submit to one another.

Think for a moment on the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. How would our lives look and what would our relationships be like if we didn’t submit to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control? How would we respond to counsel when we understand it’s been done in love? Or how much joy would we have in understanding that my brother’s intentions are simply to help me see that which I can’t see in myself in order to help me grow? How much patience would we express towards to those who are not like us? The fruit of the Spirit is totally opposite of how we were so accustomed to living. Our relationships would be very different if we saw our spouses, children, parents, fellow Christians, leaders, coworkers, bosses through the eyes of the Spirit. That’s why today my intention is to help you to grasp this idea that you will be able to submit to others when you allow the Holy Spirit to place in you His love for others.

Each of us have gone though difficult situations and painful experiences that keep us from trusting or submitting to anyone. We think we know it all, and that we are perfectly fine the way we are, but none of us are perfect and we all are in need of Jesus. God wants to work in our lives through others. He wants to mold your character through others. He wants us to become more like Christ who set the best example for us by humbling himself being God, in order that we might have life.

Submission is an act of humility, and recognizing that we need help to change is the beginning. By submitting ourselves daily to the Holy Spirit, the work of God can be completed in us. Submitting ourselves one to another in reverence to Christ is easier when we are wholly committed to Jesus’ words of truth. His word teaches us that the Holy Spirit’s job, among others, is to lead us into the truth.

Apply This Scripture

  • Pursue to know the person of the Holy Spirit. Our Doctrine class can help you.

Pray Through This Scripture

  • That the Holy Spirit would guide you to know more of Jesus.

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