GLOW Story #1: Aisha Silva
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In the next few days, we will be publishing a few testimonies/stories from women who have attended past GLOW Retreats. Take a look into these women’s stories and even better take a look at the God we serve! Be sure to sign up for the 2014 GLOW Retreat– you don’t want to miss it. Xoxo

Ladies, can I tell you how excited I am for the upcoming 2014 GLOW Retreat! 2014 will be the third year I have attended and each year has brought more extraordinary experiences not only with God, but with his daughters. The first year was a lesson in putting the cares of this world, my fears, the sin I was aware of, and sins playing in the background I hadn’t even acknowledged, at the foot of His throne. So that He, in His infinite mercy, would free me like a bird that had been trapped in the thorny brush to heal and fly once more. For some of us it is terrifying to think that you will confront the deepest recesses of your heart, mind, and soul. Darkness confronted by light has no choice, but to flee. At the retreat you will face it, but you won’t face it alone. There will be women going through it at the same time as you, as well as woman who have been through this same process. Women who will support you, cry with you, answer your questions, and intercede for you. I encourage you to come and unburden yourself; the Lord seeks to trade our heavy yokes with his that is lighter.

The years that follow Breaking Free are just as moving. There is something so endearing and explosive when worshiping the Lord in song with all of his daughters. I am talking a real Holy Ghost party, where the Lord’s presence is thick with a resounding joy. Then there is the opportunity for unadulterated fellowship, sometimes with women you may not have found yourself speaking to otherwise. Being a single mother I am not always afforded these opportunities, and I relish them! The private moments that I have had with God alone on the retreats have been some of the most fulfilling. I try to be as intentional as possible by waking up early to watch the sunrise, to bask in the glory that created such beauty, and to spend quality time with my daddy.

I hope that you would join your sisters in an amazing time of seeking after our Father together. Come for the refreshing and renewing of your spirit wherever you happen to be in your walk with Christ at this time. You won’t regret it!

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