Gospel Discipleship Follow-Up
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“All disciples are believers but not all believers are disciples…”

Contrary to how we see the church in our country lived, Jesus’ call to discipleship was radical. It didn’t merely consist of Sunday gatherings where you sing a few songs, hear a message, and live your life the rest of the week. No, it was a call to a mission to be like your superior officer and train soldiers along the way.

In Jesus’ own words: Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24) Yes, you read that right, deny yourself; Denying your will for His will; Denying your wants for His wants; Denying living your life for Him living His life through you.

We at CityLights Church strive to be a church on mission for Jesus, making disciples that touch their world with the love of Jesus. It’s a call to discipleship; it’s a call to make disciple-making disciples.

At CityLights we offer various venues to aid you in not only your development as a disciple, but also to help you in your ability to aid in the making of disciples. Trust us, we are nothing without the power of God at work through us. We merely utilize what God gave us, submit it to His lordship, and trust Him with the results. We encourage you to take advantage of all we have to offer you:

1. Sunday services – Our services are routinely the public proclamation of the gospel to every aspect of your life. It’s our corporate gathering around the Word and singing together about Jesus and His work on the cross.

2. Community Groups – CityLights is pleased to offer currently 7 Community Groups that meet throughout the city during the week, consisting of fellow believers living life together. Whether celebrating communion, studying the Bible, praying, being missional in their community, or just hanging out, we strive to be an Acts 2 church in Chicago. If these gatherings aren’t yet a habit for you, we encourage you to get plugged in. God has designed Christian maturity to take place in the context of community, and Community Groups are a tangible way to grow.

3. Boot Camp – Within our Community Groups, we have cell groups that are currently going through our basic discipleship curriculum called Boot Camp. These groups help with vital learning that disciples know, and also helps with smaller group accountability and prayer. Boot Camp started in April but it’s not too late to join one within a Community Group.

We look forward to continuing growing with you during our Gospel Culture series!
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  • Frank Perez

    bro, definitely an update to our bootcamp binder. actually, may want to think about the Gospel Culture-Discipleship sections for membership classes and Bootcamp insert for next year too.