Happy Anniversary Citylights
Posted on January 16, 2014 by

eddie leon praying

When I woke up today, it didn’t feel different than any other morning. My normal routine of brushing my teeth, devotional time and preparing for my day felt the same. It wasn’t until I grabbed my phone and noticed that someone posted a sweet sentiment about our church’s three-year anniversary that I became emotional. It’s not as if I was unaware that CityLights had our first service three years ago today, but I didn’t view it as a big deal.

As I continued to pray and think, all of the emotions of this day began to flood my heart with memories of God’s faithfulness and how CityLights came about through Jesus’ initiation. It is good for our souls to reminisce and bring to mind all of what Jesus has done in our midst. As a direct result of this community forming, people have fallen in love and married each other, marriages have been restored, divorcees have reconciled, and most importantly people have met Jesus and submitted their life to His Lordship. These testimonies help to keep me motivated and encouraged.

I can truly say that I love the church that God has placed under my care. My desire is to see us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, reach more and more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our hope is to use a vision to reach people instead of using people to achieve a vision. Today certainly is an exciting day, and I believe that we can all find different ways to celebrate what Jesus has done.

Here are three ways to make today special:

  1. Spend some extra time praying for your church and it’s leaders.
  2. Send your Community Group leader a heartfelt message of gratitude.
  3. Share your excitement of our anniversary with an unbeliever.

I am eager to discover what God has in store for us as a church, and trust that as you partner with us He will receive the glory!

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