I Find Myself In Jesus
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imageI Find Myself In Jesus

-Desiree Astacio-Alvarez

I see a king becoming a servant; an immortal being becoming flesh and bone. I see a man who is worthy of being served, but up to now is serving me. A man whose worth is more than the finest jewels, he cannot be described, yet he lives a poor man’s life. A man worth dying for, yet he died for me.

 “Not only do we not know God except through Jesus Christ; we do not know ourselves except through Jesus Christ.” -Blaise Pascal

I’ve been saved since I was fourteen years old. By far it has been the craziest thing I’ve committed to. I am not sure of many things in my life, but I am sure of one—Christ is Lord and I want to live solely for Him. Being a young girl without her father and not having many friends, it was always a challenge viewing myself in the light of God’s word. A father-figure once told me, “You are the most rejected person I know”, so it’s obviously been a tough road learning to accept others and accept myself. Viewing myself in comparison to others and questioning God became a characteristic, “Why are they there and I’m not? Why do they have that and I don’t?”

It wasn’t until one day when I was upset and broken, that same man told me, “You don’t know who you are in Christ and that is why you continue hurting yourself. I want you to really study on your identity in Christ.” Consequently, I’ve been searching for about three years to find who I am in Christ and I am still discovering every day. I cannot fully describe the satisfaction I have in sharing joy with Jesus because of what He has done through me as I’ve researched this topic.

I didn’t grow up learning my identity as much as I was taught what I can get out of God. I see this topic is by far the weakest point in Christian lives and it saddens me. The truth is, if you don’t know who you are, how can you know the God who saved you? If you don’t  know the God who saved you, how can you completely love Him and love yourself? How can we know the lies of the enemy if we don’t know the truths of God? We will never know God completely, but we can know a great portion of Him by discovering who we are because of Christ.

I want to encourage you to discover your identity by reading the Scriptures. Because it is such a broad subject I cannot finish it in one blog. But I will try my best to sum it up:

John begins the gospel by telling readers that Jesus is the Word. This is to say that Jesus is literally all that the Bible says and offers to God- truth, creator, wisdom, divine revelation, the law, etc. John is saying that Christ has existed since the beginning. Before men wrote scripture, Jesus was there with the Father and the Spirit inspiring the heart of men to write- Jesus is the Word. In fact, John begins notoriously saying; “in the beginning” just the way Genesis begins. This is to reassure the reader that Christ was always there. The Word could not possibly be God the Father because the Bible is full of men who were well in literature. If John meant the Word was God the Father, the scripture would sound like this: “in the beginning was God the Father, and God the Father was with God the Father.” As silly as this sounds, understanding that John is telling you Christ was always there from the beginning is vital. He is undoubtedly God, and the people of the Old Testament knew who Jesus was (Daniel 7:13-14John 8:56Psalm 110:1Jeremiah 31:31-34Isaiah 7:14; etc.).

The Godhead character and personality wrapped in one man’s body; Jesus stepped down from all His majesty and submitted under the Father. He was a king becoming a servant, a man of riches leaving it all to live a poor man’s life.

But when Christ died to save humanity; He didn’t just free you from sin. No, He gave you the salvation package. This package includes justification (made right with God), redemption (free from guilt), reconciliation (restoration of peace), atonement (a wrong being satisfied), propitiation (God’s approval and satisfaction), and regeneration (rebirth).

You were an enemy of God before Christ (Romans 5:8) and needed to be made right with God. Through the blood of Christ, you are justified and made right before God (Romans 3:21-26). He is such a loyal friend. You’re redeemed and free from guilt (Galatians 4:5). You don’t need to be ashamed by past or present sins; Christ has and still is forgiving you when you repent (Romans 8:35). In old days a slave owner would purchase slaves; because of the cross, you have been bought out by the payment of Christ’s blood and He set you free (John 15:15Romans 5:10). Because of the cross, the gap Adam and Eve made by sin, Jesus has sealed with the cross. Now, peace has been made between God and His enemies. God’s enemies have been made new (John 1:12-132 Cor 5:17). You’re no longer His enemy but His friend. Christ paid the price of your sin (Romans 6:23). Jesus now sits in heaven next to His Father, interceding for you and bearing witness that His blood is over you and you are His (Romans 8:34-35).

Can you imagine? Christ is telling God the Father of you, “Her— that woman— she is mine! Father, she is covered by my blood, that’s your daughter and my bride!” Believe it now; Christ is right now at this very moment telling the Father of you. This is why I cannot leave Him. He is my God, my Lord, and the one whom I owe my life to.

This is not all for me, Desiree. No. It is for you. You are a daughter, adopted and bought with the price of blood shed on the cross. I pray today that you would find joy in the cross and discover Christ while discovering yourself. A Christian who doesn’t know who they are in Christ is a sad Christian. Christ deserves more than just your verbal witnessing that you are a Christian. He deserves for you to know it, because it brings Him glory when you are most satisfied in Him.

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