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Luke 9:18

Once when Jesus was praying in private and his disciples were with Him…

Have u ever spent time in prayer with your disciple? God is calling us to make disciples, who transform their world. Some people think that making disciples was just taking them shopping with them, taking them to watch a movie or out to eat in a cheap restaurant. Or maybe discipleship was inviting them to their house to help them clean, calling them when they needed something or text them once in a while I lov u :). Discipleship is so much more than that. Discipleship is imparting the same love and passion that we have for God in someone else.
A few weeks ago The Lord showed us that disciples are found where the teacher is. We as people who are disciple makers should be the responsible for their growth. Fellowship is good, but what will they do when u can’t be with them in tough situations of testing or temptation?
In the book of Luke we see Jesus taking his disciples with Him to prayer. He took them to his private place, and showed them how to do it. Prayer became such a part of their lives that even after he left they continued to gather in prayer waiting for the promise of the Holy Ghost.
He didn’t wait for them to call Him to pray, He took the initiative and took them with Him. Spend time with those the Lord has assigned to you in prayer. Use your time with them to awaken desire to know the God that you love. That desire will keep them close to God even when you are not there.

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