Music Review: Come Away
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Hello all you wonderful people of Citylights Church, this is Danny. If you don’t know me I am the guitarist/singer/comedian/whateverelseyouwanttocallme from the CityLights Worship Band. I am going to start a new thing here on the website. Do not know the actual name of what I am going to call this (might call it Worship Wednesdays or something cheesy like that). Here I am going to post weekly music reviews and anything music related that I find interesting or awesome. You will see me post reviews to albums and recommendations to some music you can listen to help you with your worship time throughout the week. This weeks first review is the album, Come Away, by Jesus Culture.

Here is the newest release from this worship band that is straight from Redding, California. They have been releasing albums for a couple of years already and they have slowly been increasing in popularity ever since their cover of the song “How He Loves Us” was put on YouTube with 5.6 million+ views. This band is particular known for one thing, making their own original take on a song someone originally did.

They clearly show their creativity with their reimagining of various worship songs that they have used throughout their youth group. This album is nothing different from what we have come to love about this band with 6 of the 10 tracks on this album being their take on worship songs. The album starts out with the title track, Come Away, which is by alittle known band known as United Pursuit Band (will post a review on one of their albums soon). From just the beginning you can tell this is something different from their previous records. They have been able to capture the essence of the original recording yet still be able to change it up and make it “Jesus Culture”. I can go on and on about all these songs but something that made this album special were the original songs. These songs are: Rooftops, You Are My Passion, I Want to Know You, and Show Me Your Glory. These songs show the heart of the people from this movement: A heart that is crying out to God and loves God unconditionally. One stand out track from these original songs for me was the track “I Want to Know You”. It ends with the bridge that goes like this:

“I want to know You
Let Your Spirit overwhelm me
Let Your Presence overtake my heart”

This is overall theme of this album and it is an album that would move you and motivate you with “shouting on the rooftops saying ‘I AM YOURS'” I definitely would recommend this album to anyone that needs something fresh from the typical “Top 40” type of worship and with a genuine sound this album would be it.

Songs that might be familiar to you (Songs we have played at CityLights Church)
Freedom Reigns
Let it Rain
Show Me Your Glory

And one song that I would defintley recommend for a listen would be the song One Thing Remains (originally from their home church, Bethel Church):

To support this band and to get the songs I added the iTunes link to the album:

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  • Lucas R.

    Great job Danny. Love this CD, my favorite tracks are Show Me Your Glory and Let It Rain. I believe this CD captures the sound if of a generation of revivalist crying out for the presence of God. Looking forward to reading more reviews. Blessings!

  • Nina K

    I learned somthing new today :) Looking forward to more reviews also!! 😀

  • Lisa Aviles

    Danny, thanks for the recommendation. I actually purchased this CD last week after hearing 3 of the songs during Praise & Worship at CityLights. I have been listening to it everyday and it has definitely kept the spirit alive in my home, car and workplace…I think this is a great idea…Keep it up! Stay Blessed..

  • Veronica C.

    Can you do a review of Lil Wayne’s new album? 0:)