Prayer, Intimacy and the Word
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Prayer, Intimacy and the Word

-Maria Ramos

Genesis 4:1     Now Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bore Cain.
Genesis 4:25   And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son.

The word KNEW in Hebrew in this context means:
When a man takes a woman as his wife and is intimate with her.  It is
at this point that he gains knowledge of her that he previously did
not know.  They become one emotionally and spiritually connected.
Both gain knowledge of each other to a level that others don’t have.
II Timothy 3:16 …ALL scripture is God breathed.  In these two
instances the Holy Spirit chose to point out that when Adam (the first
Adam = flesh/death) knew Eve, she conceived and bare.  So it is with
Jesus (the second Adam = Spirit life giver).  Prayer and time with God
is our setting time apart to be intimate with God.  It is a time where
he speaks to us, we listen and we speak to him.  He gives us his
desires, a heart towards him.  Without intimacy there is no
conceiving.  Prayer is the agent by which God accomplishes his
purposes on earth.  Anything of worth or value will always cost us
something.  Yes, it does take effort and intentional discipline, but
if we ask God to give us a heart to desire intimacy we know this is a
prayers he will answer.  I John 5:14    …if we ask anything according to
HIS WILL he hears us, Hebrews 10:22 …let us draw near to God, Romans
8:29…He predestined us to be conformed to the image of his Son, John
17:17  Jesus prayed to the Father that he would sanctify us…I don’t
have to pray and debate whether or not this is his will to do in me.
He himself desires this for me.

The very fact that I desire Him,
though I may not get it right is indicative that he is drawing me to
him.  I periodically ask myself…If when all is over, said and done can
it be said ….and God KNEW Maria.  The same way humanly, a wife may be
busy in taking care of needs of the husband, children and family and
is always busy with good intentions, but does not have intimacy with
her husband – this will take an effect on their relationship and
marriage, so it is with God.  Are we busy doing the right and good
things for God that we don’t have time for him?  Busy with our hands
and feet, but what God wants is our heart.  So busy that we miss out
on the very crux.  Business does not equal intimacy.  Matthew
7:22…will Jesus say….I never KNEW you?  When one is in hot pursuit for
the presence of God, the TV will go off, dinner will be over, kids put
in bed and we make an atmosphere conducive for the presence of God.
Don’t let condemnation set in when we try and fail.  Continue to be
diligent in asking God to give you a heart inclined to Him and
continue to genuinely try  Hebrews 11:6.. for He is a reward of those
that diligently seek him!

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