Seeing Christ in Crisis
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Inspired by Nehemiah chapter 1

I’ve never been a proponent of revival breaking forth because some type of crisis that hits our nation as a whole or an individual family. Allow me to unpack my thoughts.

When the airplanes hit the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, it knocked down more than just buildings. It also caused the collapse of a nation’s sense of security and brought revelation to many Americans on how quick everything can be stripped away. As a result, people rushed to churches seeking answers and “wanting” to pursue the Lord. But as quick as the smoke of debris faded so did “they” from our churches. Do we have ourselves to blame? In part. However, I believe that once the crisis passes and slips into our history and life goes back to normal, the people who ran to the church because of a feeling leave because that feeling subsides.

When a family faces a crisis such as the loss of a loved one, job, home or even a divorce, the awareness of them needing a God excuses itself from the back of their mind and makes its way to the front. As a pastor I notice this particularly every time I preach at a Funeral. I see a sizable group of people in great need turn to God with tears in their eyes because of the earthquake that hit their soul– only to turn away from Him days after. Why? Because as the emotions make their way to the back of ones mind so does the need for a God. Now with all this said, I think it should be different for a Christian. We as believers should be able to see Christ in the crisis.

Like in Jerusalem 445 BC, we see the spirit of our city in ruins and the gates of Chicagoans’ hearts burnt down allowing any enemy to penetrate. However, because of the crisis, we find Nehemiah 141 years later discovering the heart of Christ for his people and his city. We as Christians always want to avoid crisis, problems, and even hardships but they bring such a sweet brokenness to the believer. One thing I can guarantee is this: as long as we are alive we will face betrayal, death, pain, sickness, and disappointments. So let us adjust our lens like Nehemiah and find Christ in the mist of crisis. Let us put on Christ and His compassion for our lost and broken city by lifting up our voices and crying out to God in prayer. But let us learn to listen to His voice and carry out his plans.

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  • Brady

    There is so much going around in this neighborhood alone, I can only imagine the entire city. There is SO much happening already.. so many people hungry for Christ.
    I am at that school for a reason, I’ve met new people for a reason, we are drawn together for a reason.. for His glory and His purpose.
    So much is happening, and it’s only the beginning!
    *prayer prayer prayer!