Taking the form of a servant.
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The silent moments in my soul,  as I grace a stage in the name of God, can be frightening. Did I pray enough? Did I study enough? Have I loved enough to earn the right to stand before this beautiful bride that Jesus calls His own? Even if I did, can I ever in my human efforts, pay a price greater then the price already paid with pure blameless blood?  Week after week, I see the pure water of God poured out through tarnished vessels and realize that’s Gods greatest boast. “God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong” (1 Cor 1:25).  To communicate such a powerful message through weak people is truly remarkable.

It pleased the King of kings to lock within our souls gifts that are designed to touch the human heart and tear down the very walls that separate it from God.  In today’s world we have platformed our gifts as if we are performing for a spiritual talent show rather than use them for their intended purpose.  I believe it’s time to call the body of Christ into attention and for their God given abilities, that are lying dormant, to be discovered.  Some may ask, “How do I identify my gift?” Let me remind you that you don’t determine your gift, you discover it, and you discover it by doing something.  Some of my fondest memories come from my discovery season.  My advice to you is, enjoy serving the body while discovering your gifts.

Jesus revealed how He views us when He said: “No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends” (Jn 15:15).  I have pondered for quite some time on the fact that Jesus calls us friends, but the holy men in scripture referred to themselves as servants.  I believe that the Son of God became the son of man, so that the sons of men can become the sons of God.  As an adopted son into this wonderful Kingdom, I’ve come to realize one thing, even though He refers to me as a friend and son, I refer to myself as servant.  I’d rather imitate Jesus’ example found in Philippians 2:5 and take the form of a servant.  As a servant, I have but one call and that is to lay down every gift that He has given me at the foot of the cross and declare him my all in all (Col 3:11).

This Sunday we will dive into this subject matter and discover the hidden potential locked in the lives of men and woman at Citylights Church. No more excuses.  God decided, not us, to use imperfect people to preach a perfect message of love.  Remember, love produced servanthood and servants see sacrifice as a privilege.

  • david

    This is not a reply. In Luke 22:61 it says that Jesus looked at Peter right after he denied Jesus 3 times & the cock crowed. It says Peter ran out & wept bitterly. Have you ever thought what kind of look Jesus gave Peter. Was it a look of disappointment? A look of anger? A look that Jesus is so beat up that He couldn’t even hold His head straight ready to pass out daze look, like a boxer ready to go down. I believe it was a look of don’t worry I still love you. I guess we get to know anyone looks after hanging out with them 3 years. What kind of look are people getting from you? If you feel you fail God, Jesus then go weep cry before Jesus say you’re sorry. Then listen to His voice saying don’t worry I still love you. & continue your walk with Christ moving forward.