The big picture
Posted on January 29, 2011 by

Immediately after the closing prayer at our Community Group, one of our visitors, Jose, approached me to share what he had enjoyed during our time together. As we talked, someone from our Community Group, Jean, approached us to say goodbye. Unconsciously, he joined the conversation and introduced himself to Jose. Jean commented that it was his first time seeing him and if he has ever visited CityLights. Jose responded  that he had made several attempts before but he would always get there near the end of the service. From the heart Jean replied, ” Sunday service is part of the big picture, Community Group is the family.”  I started thinking about this statement because it is not the first time I hear it.

But something happens when we say goodbye to the grand Sunday family of CityLights to meet with a smaller group of people in a home during the week. We share joys, burdens, sorrows, and all sorts of emotions in a smaller group that without any shame or hesitation we call FAMILY. Family is more than a group of people you see on Sunday– as a family we share our best moments. We enjoy and love  our family and we also get angry with them but at the end of the day, who can not forgive a mother, a father, or a brother. Here at CityLights we believe in family and even more in the family of Christ. If you are not a part of a Community Group… we’re waiting for you.

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