The War room
Posted on January 31, 2011 by

People have different ways of handling similar problems. Some cry, complain, and spend countless hours talking about what they don’t have.  Others declare war and shift the climate of their situation through prayer. Growing up in the Lord we used to call it war on the floor.  It was the day of the week when we would come out and pray together. Here at City Lights we call it the prayer room, but it really serves as the warriors room. If I could trace back the reason for accelerated growth, I would have to say prayer night. When I ask people, “How’s your prayer life?”, the common responses are as follows:
1. Pastor, I have no privacy in my house to pray
2. I pray in the shower
3. I’m too busy

The bottom line is people are not praying. Jesus taught his disciples to pray all the time and also to pray together (Luke 18:1). Jesus’ disciples believed in prayer so much that in Acts chapter 6 they would not even let serving the widows get in the way of their time with God, which leads me to my next statement. Jesus did not come to make believers out of us, but disciples.

In the new testament the term believer is only mentioned 14 times, when disciple is mentioned over 200 times. All disciples are believers but not all believers are disciples. The Bible says  in Acts 1:14 that the disciples would gather often to pray in agreement. Here at City Lights, we practice the same and have witnessed believers become disciples not because of a course (classes are important) but because they brought accountability to their prayer life. If you desire transformation then what you’re really desiring is time with God.  Let us stop making excuses and make it our priority.

  • Naida

    This is so true Pastor Eddie. Praise God! We do need to stop making excuses and trust in God and seek after Him with all of our hearts.

  • david

    This is not a reply. In Luke 22:61 it says that Jesus looked at Peter right after he denied Jesus 3 times & the cock crowed. It says Peter ran out & wept bitterly. Have you ever thought what kind of look Jesus gave Peter. Was it a look of disappointment? A look of anger? A look that Jesus is so beat up that He couldn’t even hold His head straight ready to pass out daze look, like a boxer ready to go down. I believe it was a look of don’t worry I still love you. I guess we get to know anyone looks after hanging out with them 3 years. What kind of look are people getting from you? If you feel you fail God, Jesus then go weep cry before Jesus say you’re sorry. Then listen to His voice saying don’t worry I still love you. & continue your walk with Christ moving forward.