Two Puppies
Posted on March 24, 2012 by

I knew that would get your attention. My daughter has two stuffed animal puppies that once belonged to me and my sisters. They’re holding up surprisingly well- they’ve been around since the 70s and not a rip in sight! From the moment she laid eyes and grubby hands on them, they have been clutched tightly to her chest. She takes them everywhere with her and proudly proclaims “TWO puppies”.

As my husband and I were attempting to buckle our precious girl into her carseat last week, we had an incredibly difficult time maneuvering the seatbelt around both toy dogs. We tried for a minute or two, but Annemarie would NOT release her grip on her puppies enough for us to fit the seatbelt around her. As God sometimes does in these situations, I said something to my daughter that I knew God was going to pose as a question back to me. “Just let it go for a second! We’re trying to keep you safe and we’ll give it right back.”. No sooner did the words leave my mouth, that I stated to our little family, “Yep, I hear a sermon coming.”

What was God trying to get me to let go?

Were there people/habits/attitudes I have been holding on to so tightly that God couldn’t get in?

Did I believe that I knew what was better for me than God did?

If a gave something/someone up, did I think God wouldn’t give them/it back?

Do I truly believe that I, as God’s daughter, am under His protection?

I have recently come to the realization that I need to let some of my family members go. The pressure I have put on myself isn’t from God. It is GOD that works in people’s hearts to bring them to salvation, not my good works. It is my dear Savior who will draw them to Himself, not my constant nagging. As I slowly release my grip (and control) over my family’s future, I feel the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. He will hold them, and if it’s His will, He will give them back.

  • Randy Bryce Procter

    good word

  • Santiagolights

    Your preachin to the choir!