What’s Next?
Posted on October 31, 2013 by

I want to publicly thank everyone that has called, text, and emailed me to say they’re praying for me and Citylights Church. It’s been a challenging but fruitful season. As a result of recent events, I’ve seen our church come together like never before. We’re not happy with some of the false statements that have hit the media but we’re determined to not place all of our human efforts in defending ourselves because we know God will. Not one of our leaders, in any capacity, has breached integrity nor plan on breaching integrity by Gods grace. I’m proud to pastor a church that is filled with imperfect people serving a perfect God, Jesus Christ. With that being said, I’m encouraged because in the weeks leading up to this event, God—through His word—has prepared us for the following:

1. Gossip and Division.
2. Not needing approval from natural people (Unbelievers).
3. Bragging about ourselves.
4. Being in the process of sinning less and being more and more like Jesus.

As many of you know, at CityLights we preach through books of the bible and this Sunday as we continue to preach, teach, and proclaim the Gospel, we find ourselves in the perfect text for our season as a church. God always seems to be late but He’s always right on time.

What’s next?

With your help, we continue the work our leader Jesus Christ started with the power of the Holy Spirit. We continue to love Jesus, love scripture, and love people. We refuse to be identified by sin committed against us and press on towards winning a city for Jesus.

In His Service,

Eddie Leon

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