Music Review: Here On Earth
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This weeks album is going to be a great one. Its Bryan and Katie Torwalts Here on Earth. If you would like to see my original review on them go to this link:

Now that we have been introduced to them we are going to go alittle more in depth in their music. This album starts off with a bang with the track, Glorious.

This for me personally I feel is the perfect track to start off the album. It has the right vibe that would make you want to get up from where you are at and start jumping and dancing (not that I would dance….) The bridge of this album really sets up a theme for me personally with this album. It states, “and let the sound of our praise, and heavens will shake, and the earth will move”. This whole album is about proclaiming our praises to the world about God and his love for us.

Next up is the track Holy Spirit. This song as you guessed it is about the Holy Spirit. Its a more calm track then the opener and I think they did a good move with this. It shows variety in the songwriting. Its good to know that it wasn’t going to be the typical: fast songs in the beginning, slow songs in the end.

“Holy Spirit you are welcomed here. come flood this place and fill the atmosphere, your glory God is what are hearts are longing for.”

The rest of the album is more of a mellow album which for some people could be a good thing or a bad thing. If you were wanting an album that would make you dance the whole time then this probably isnt for you. I felt, after listening through the whole album, that the first track is more of like a track to get you pumped up and allows you to enter in His presence with joy and happiness.

Sometimes being simple is good. You do not need all this extra music sometimes and you just need some simple chords and words to get a great song. This is true for the song “I’m a Lover of Your Presence”. The whole song revolves around 4 Chords and some simple words.

This whole album is good if you are looking for a solid worship album, maybe even something to listen to while you are having your own personal study session or bible study.

Here is the rest of the album for you guys to enjoy:

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